Alex Mari is an Italian singer, guitar and bass player, songwriter and vocal coach, born in Ferrara on January 3, 1981.

Alex, as a child, has always had a strong passion for music, as well as for sport; every day he watched “Queen's Live at Wembley” concert, dreaming one day of getting on that stage and being able to sing, play and write songs with his idols, all this before going to training. Alex was a footballer in the SPAL youth sector.

Many say that as a child Alex was a promising footballer, a little too enthusiastic, and that he could have reached excellent levels in sport. Alex was surrounded by Sport but he sang and played the keyboard and strummed the guitar badly but with passion, enthusiasm and a strong desire to create.

The first keyboard came when he was six years old and the first guitar when he was twelve years old.

His shy and insecure character to wasted a great opportunity to become a professional sportsman but his passion for music grew more and more by founding small garage musical formations, until in 2002 he had the drive and passion to become a great musician.

His favorite bands are Queen, Toto, Symphony X, Pooh and his favorite singers are Freddie Mercury, Michele Luppi, Russel Allen, Amy Lee, Giacomo Voli.

Artistic carrer

Singer of the Italian prog rock band Barock Project since 2016, backing vocalist in Michele Luppi's band (Whitesnake) since 2014 and singer, bass player and founder of the rock cover band Alex Mari & The Lovers since 2013.

Alex was already known previously as singer and founder of the metal band "Ophiura" (from 2007 to present), lead singer of "Dia Logo", a music theatre and literature project from 2011 to 2016, with jazz shows dedicated to the great songwriters, Italian and not, and as lead singer of the Iron Maiden tribute band Darkstalkers (from 2004 to present) and of the Queen tribute band “Queen & The Choir” (from 2015 to present).

He also collaborates as a songwriter and musician with the rapper and sports commentator Max Fogli and in the band Rock Legend (since 2020). He has collaborated in recent years with Rhapsody of Fire as a backing vocalist on the albums "Legendary Years", "The Eighth Mountain" and “Glory of Salvation”; as singer for Andrea Poltronieri, as stand in singer with Break Free, with Queen Vision and with Markonee in the "UK Tour 2011" opening Vain's "Hot stage lights tour 2011".

As a stand in guitarist he collaborated with the dance music orchestra "Il Mulino del Po" and with the "Soliti Noti" by Luca Longhini in the summer of 2006.

In the past Alex was the frontman of “Queen on Stage” (Queen Tribute band), and other various hard rock cover bands.


1999 – Studied guitar with Michele Canella (classical pianist from Ferrara, rock guitarist, songwriter and piano teacher).

2002/2006 – Studied guitar with Luca Longhini (ex Taglia 42 guitarist, Pia Tuccitto)

2003/2005 – Studied modern singing with Gloria Aleotti (classical singer, music teacher)

2007 to present – “Voice Control” method with Michele Luppi (Whitesnake, Mr. Pig ex Vision Divine, ex Secret Sphere)

2017/2019 – Studied Jazz singing at the G. Frescobaldi Conservatory in Ferrara.

2022 - 1st Level graduation in Pop/Rock Singing at the F. Venezze Conservatory in Rovigo.

2024 - 2nd Level graduation e in Pop/Rock Singing at the F. Venezze Conservatory in Rovigo.

Music schools

Vocal coach since 2011.

He has been collaborating with the Estense Music Academy in Ferrara since 2014, and since 2019 also in the San Giovanni di Ostellato headquarters.

Since 2013 he has been collaborating with Delta Music Modern in Lagosanto.


2007 - Ancestral Whispers (Ophiura)

2007- Invidia Kamikaze (Max Fogli Max Machete - FPC)

2011 – BeMind (Ophiura)

2016 - Se ti scappa di cantare (Nursery rhymes for children)
2017 – Detachment (Barock Project)

2017 - Legendary Years (Rhapsody of Fire)

2019 -Seven Seas (Barock Project)

2019 - The Eighth Mountain (Rhapsody of Fire)

2021 - The Boxset (Barock Project)

2021 - Glory For Salvation (Rhapsody of Fire)


2020 - Milan Skriniar (Max Fogli)

2021 – Lido Nazioni (Max Fogli)

2022 – Notte Rosa ( Max Fogli)