The Band Night Pleasure Hotel is Born!

Hi my friends!

A new band (but not really new) is born and it's called Night Pleasure Hotel

I want to tell you a little story!

A lot of time ago I decided to create a soloist project.
Ophiura was a metal band (my metal band) but I needed to do also something rock.

The previous name of my soloist project was Alex Mari & The Lovers born to create my music but we have performed, through the years, a repertoire of cover like Queen, Toto, ACDC, George Michael, Bon Jovi... We are still doing it.

Two or maybe three years ago I decided to transform my soloist project in a real band creating, with my friend Gianluca Pisana and Sebastiano Barbirato, the Night Pleasure Hotel.

Alex Mari & The Lovers still exist performing cover, Night Pleasure Hotel is the same band butthe direction is...
Creating new music, our music!!! 
We talk about rock, aor, maybe a little bite hard rock and little bite pop... we don't take care about it!
Stay Tuned!