We are delighted to announce that the release of our seventh studio album, "Time Voyager," will happen soon. This album marks an epic incursion into the world of time, offering a sonic journey through the dimensions of history and the future.

Is much more than just a simple album for us; it is a portal to the depths of time, a labyrinth of sounds and stories that intertwine between past and future and it will be the first entirely self-published release.

We have worked intensively to create a sonic experience that transports the listener through different epochs and dimensions, blending elements of nostalgia with futuristic visions.
Featuring 12 new tracks, Time Voyager will be available in CD digipack format and on all digital stores.

On March 15th, The Lost Ship Tavern, the first single from the album, will be released in digital.
Shortly we will announce the PRE-ORDER date and the official release date of the album.

Check our official Facebook page and our official website for more news coming soon!

Best wishes from Luca, Eric, Marco, Alex and Francesco