Night Pleasure Hotel

Alex Mari - Lead Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards.

Sebastiano Barbirato – Guitar Bass, Backing Vocals. 

Mr. Pisu – Drums, Piano, Backing Vocals.


In 2023, Burning Minds Music Group signed Portraits – the debut album of new Italian AOR sensation, Night Pleasure Hotel. However, the journey to reach this point had been a long, but adventurous road.

In 2007, lead vocalist, Alex Mari, formed the prog-melodic metal band, Ophiura, contributing as lead singer and main composer, while working in numerous other projects. He is the lead vocalist of the Queen tribute bands, Mad Queen and Queen & The Choir, founded by members of the famous Italian 90s band, Taglia 42. He also performs for the Iron Maiden tribute band, Darkstalkers. His other collaborations included Queen tribute bands, Break Free, Queen Vision, and Live Queen. With Rhapsody of Fire, Alex performed as a backing vocalist on the albums: “Legendary Years”, “The Eighth Mountain” and “Glory of Salvation”. With Secret Sphere, he performed live as a backing vocalist in the 2017 Festival and the Tower Festival. He also contributed lead vocals to Markonee's "Vain UK Tour" in 2011.


In addition to being a singer, Alex is a guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist. He graduated in Pop Singing at the F. Venezze conservatory in Rovigo. In 2014, he became a backing vocalist with Michele Luppi (keyboardist and backing vocalist of Whitesnake) with whom he still performs today. Since 2016, he’s also leant his vocals to the prog-rock band, Barock Project, created by Luca Zabbini (P.F.M.)



In 2014, Alex set up Alex Mari & The Lovers, with hopes of it leading to a solo album. The band performed a repertoire of rock and pop covers from the era that inspired them – the 80s and 90s – including hits by legendary bands Queen, Toto, The Police, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, and George Michael, among others.


Several years passed before he decided to transform his solo album into a band album. Thus, Night Pleasure Hotel was born. The debut album, Portraits, illustrates the spirit of a lost past that might never return. It provides a snapshot in time – a moment to take refuge when you want to escape from today.


Drummer and backing vocalist, Gianluca Pisana, has performed alongside Alex since the beginning. He played as a session musician on some dates for the Queen tribute band, Live Queen, and has worked as an actor and singer in musicals. Gianluca wrote several songs for Alex’s prog melodic metal band, Ophiura.


Guitarist and backing vocalist, Sebastiano Barbirato, is the creator and builder of the internationally-renowned BRBS brand amplifier line. He met Alex Mari in the Iron Maiden tribute band, Darkstalkers. He is also a backing vocalist in Ophiura. Sebastiano often played on the tour with the Queen tribute band, Live Queen and Negrita tribute band, Soy Taranta.

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